New Home Page

he new Home Page is under way! The Writerz Block has currently teamed up with film production company Darkroom Developments to produce the new Writerz Block Home Page. The new Home Page should be up and running by the end of the 2016. The Home Page will feature a fully produced short film concept of a “Day in The Life”. Currently, we are in the planning stages. We are flushing out all the details before we set a shoot date. As plans and personal get solidified, I will continue to make updates to this […]

sda Loop Libraries Coming Soon

    etween now and the end of the summer 2016, I will be releasing several loop and construction kit libraraires. I’m digging through creates of vinyl records I have inherited from the 1950’s and 1970’s, picking out cools riffs and loops produces can use to chop, slice, and filter into their next production. These vinyl loop librires will have that authentic vinly sound, with those vinly cracks and pops we all love. I will also be releaseing serval construction kit libraries. These will be all of my unfiltered […]