About The Block


Established formally in the 2016, but operating since 1995, the Writerz Block is the culmination of creative works by its founder, Shawn “sda” Appleton. Diametrically opposite the moniker, The Writerz Block is a production company that specializes in, but not limited to, music creation, sound design, photography, and short independent films.

Muisc Creation

With a strong natural talent to “hear” color, my sound palette can be felt in the music produced. With formal tutelage for under decade, compounded by 2 additional decades of experiential knowledge in the craft of the drumming, I have a strong rhythmical presence in all the records that I produce. With the compliment of 10 years of training on the piano, my musical artistry continues to grow.

Gospel, R&B, Funk, Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Rock are genres that can be heard over a plethora of songs I have created. Most of the artist that I work, either allow me to create a finished composition via sketches of an idea or remake an entire song from scratch. Communication is the quintessential cornerstone of any work relationship. I try to understand the emotion and audience the composition is intended for while making a summation of soundscapes that will best complete auditory journey.

I try to assemble a team that help me attain the intended result of the composition. While production of the composition is something I will oversee, I will be lending my musically talents to creation of the composition, while I employ the expertise of mixing and mastering engineers to complete the sonic the landscape.

Sound Design

Over the course of time, a music writer will not only develop their sound, but will have a secession of the compositions the defines their sonic character. I have a robust catalog of songs and customs sounds that I have collated into a compendium of sound libraries for social consumption. There are several sound libraries that have been sampled from my personal vinyl libraries. These particular libraries cover gospel and R&B from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. In addition to the vinyl production libraries, I have compiled set of production tools from previously produced unreleased records, made into very usable loop libraries. Explore the music section of the site and see what inspiration you can find.

Films & Scripts

Still in its fledgling stage, independent films and scripts are being produced as time permits. Currently, there are only a few scripts that have been written. In time, more visual expression through film will become available as the Block creative real estate expands.